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Title: PartyZan Remixed
Artist: Haris Custovic
Label: Laus Music
Catalogue number: LAUS025
Release date: 4th July, 2011
Format: Wav / Mp3
Distribution: Beatport / Juno

Please do not distribute.

Press release:

Originally released on Laus records in early 2002 in a vinyl form, over the years PartyZan has been supported by countless DJs and the release received lots of atention and press reviews including DJ magazine and Mixmag. The track features a voice of a former Yugoslavian president Josip Broz Tito as well as live percussion performance by exceptional musician Duncan White a.k.a. Repercussion.

There is no doubt that Tito was a legendary figure. Even often criticised for his philosophy as well as his actions, in former Yugoslavia he gained a reputation of being a strong leader who brought peace and prosperity and held the Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia together for decades.

This release presents 14 producers from different corners of former federation (and beyond) new and unique versions of PartyZan, a peace of work that somehow became a bit of an anthem in many areas of South-Eastern Europe.

This promo pack has been sent to you because your your support is very much appreciated and your honest opinion is highly valued. Please take a bit of time to listen to the remixes and rate them as you wish. In terms of feedback, one sentence per remix will be enough.

Click on the titles to listen to full tracks as 320kpbs mp3

To save:
PC: Ctrl + click and ‘save as’
MAC: cmd + click and ‘save as’

If you would like to contact Laus, please email

Thank you for your feedback and support!!!

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